Helo Products Are No Longer Available

World Global Network closed down last year and stopped manufacturing all Helo products. World Global Network (WGN) has since transferred their assets to a new company called Vyvo.

This website was created by a marketing representative and was not operated or owned by WGN or any of the principles of WGN. To my knowledge WGN has not paid their representatives what was due them nor have they continued to maintain any apps or system that worked with Helo. Vyvo indicated that they would pay some or all of any compensation due to WGN marketing representatives that they were owed, however I do know that they have never paid me anything.

The new company Vyvo is comprised of the same principles that owned WGN. Vyvo indicated that they paid $60M plus for the rights to Helo products and their assets. Vyvo does not to my knowledge have a telephone number nor does it have an email address. If you at one time had access to the WGN website backoffice you can use the same link to gain access to the Vyvo backoffice (it should transfer you to Vyvo and you can use your same user name and password for access) and attempt to submit a support ticket to contact Vyvo.

You can try to contact Vyvo about any Helo products, updates and problems, but I do not believe that you will be successful in receiving any help. I know from personal experience that they have not helped me.

I at one time believed in the Helo products and their potential. I no longer do. Unfortunately WGN and their principles actions or lack of actions resulted in the closing of WGN.

I cannot assist you with any Helo products in any form or fashion.

Any information you may find contained on this Website about Helo products is at this point outdated and is no longer viable. I cannot sell you or help you with any Helo products.