Helo LX+ Mobile GPS Panic Alarm. Safety for independent
and active seniors.

Are you looking for the best medical alert bracelet on the market? With the Helo LX+ GPS Mobile Panic Alarm you can go almost anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for seniors who like to be independent and active. It’s also an excellent option for seniors living at home who may not have a landline.

It is a stylish bracelet that works using your mobile phone, plus new up to date apps.

Using your mobile network and in-built GPS tracking the Helo LX+ medical alert bracelet emails up to 3 emergency contacts.  This email show your GPS location.

At the same time it sends up to 3 help messages via text with a link to Google Maps showing the bracelet user’s location to within 2 yards.

Not only does the Helo LX+ provide a GPS Panic Button Alert, the Helo LX+ can notify your guardians or loved ones when you have health problems.  Your contact can be notified about your blood pressure, your heart rate and even your breath rate. Never again do you have to worry about being alone.


Perfect for seniors who are at risk of falls.

Ideal for people who are likely to suffer falls whether at home or alone outdoors. 7 day risk free trial.

No monthly monitoring fees. One time cost only.

In an emergency when you activate the panic button, the Helo LX+ medical alert bracelet contacts family and friends, not a stranger in a call center. So there are never any monitoring fees. Order by calling 877-881-0272 or online here…

Helo LX+ Monitors Your Blood Pressure

Helo LX+ will do an EKG


Revolutionary technology that uses your Smart Phone to stay in touch.

From a video showing a simple introduction of the most advanced medical bracelet in the world, to a video showing the Helo LX+ with GPS Panic Button being unboxed, you will be amazed at how easy the Helo is to use.  A simple pairing with your Android or IOS smartphone and you will be ready to use the Helo LX+.

You can use your Helo LX+ medical alert bracelet anywhere in the world -- inside or outside of your home. Just press the GPS Panic Alert Button twice and your guardians will be immediately notified. 

There are no monthly charges. No contracts.  Simply purchase your Helo LX+ and set it up.

The set up process is simple. You will add your family or guardians contact information so that they can immediately be notified by text and email that you need help.  You can set up your Helo LX+ to not just notify loved ones if you fall and need help, you can set up your Helo LX+ to notify your family or guardians if your health falls outside of certain parameters.  Notify them if you have blood pressure problems, you stop breathing or if your ECG/EKG goes wonkers. The Helo LX+ can provide you and your loved ones peace of mind.


Who Needs One?

At Home

On The Go

Helo LX+ Is The Solution

Whatever you are doing at home, your are protected during your daily routine. Complete coverage round-the-clock. Your loved ones and guardians will be notified as soon as you press the Panic Button
For those on the go you have access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day -- 24/7. Whether you are gardening, going for a walk, enjoying nature, or sightseeing you are covered.
The Helo LX+ medical alert bracelet has not only a GPS Panic Button, the Helo LX+ monitors your blood pressure, has a EKG for your heart and soon will have a continuous non-invasive blood-glucose app.

Who Needs the Helo LX+ Medical Alert Panic Button?

Who needs one? Every senior needs one. Seniors want a Panic Alert Button because they know the devastation that comes from a fall. It is common knowledge that 1 in 3 people over 65 years old have a serious fall in a year. These falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions in people aged over 65.
The Helo LX+ Panic Button is Highly recommended for seniors
A Personal Medical Alarm is highly recommended for most seniors and absolutely essential for people who suffer from a list of many, common medical conditions and disabilities. .
Who is at risk of a fall at home?
When it comes to falls the statistics are perhaps surprising. Most people don’t know that 1 in 3 people over 65 years have a substantial fall in any given year. .  .
Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions in people aged over 65.  60% of falls occur at home. They usually occur when getting out of a chair, bed or when going to the toilet.  The estimated average total hospital stay due to an injurious fall by an older person is 15 days.
Frequent falling
Those who fall are two to three times more likely to fall again. The risk of falls increases proportionally with age. At 80 years, over half of seniors fall annually.
Why do seniors fall?
Older people are at increased risk because normal ageing often involves worsening balance, eyesight, muscle tone & slower reaction times.

Compare the Helo LX and the Helo LX+ to Other Monitoring Systems

Simply Click below on the Medical Alert Comparison to Compare Different Monitoring Systems to the Helo LX+. Frankly there is no comparison. The Helo LX+ Medical Alert Bracelet with GPS Panic Button is the best choice.

Your Questions about the Helo LX+ Panic Button System

What is the Helo LX+ Panic Button System?

The Helo LX+ Panic Button System will provide you and other family members’ peace of mind that when you are home or outdoors that help is just a press of a button away. When you press the SOS help button it calls up to 3 emergency contacts and also sends them help text messages with the wearer’s location via in-built GPS and Google Maps.

Does the Helo LX+ work in conjunction with a call center?

No. You choose up to 3 emergency contacts which are usually trusted family members and friends. Because it does not require a monitoring center in an emergency there are no ongoing charges or monthly fees. You don’t have to use all 3 emergency contacts. You can use less if you wish.

Is the Helo LX+ only for seniors living at home?

It is ideal for seniors who may be living at home alone and remain active enough to be outdoors unaccompanied. It is also a great solution if a senior who lives at home, needs a medical alarm, but does not have a landline. Besides seniors it is used by lone workers, workers who may need to contact security quickly and people with disabilities. The panic button is so simple to use you can give it to your children to help protect them in case of an emergency.

Do you have to use the Helo LX+ in conjunction with a smart phone?

Yes. The Helo LX+ uses bluetooth to talk with your smartphone. Your Android or Apple smartphone uses Helo Apps to collect and gather your health information and send your panic button notice and GPS location.

Is the Helo LX+ Panic Button expensive to use?

No, there is no monthly cost to use the Helo LX+. You simply purchase the Helo LX+ and then set it up. It's that simple.

How big is the Helo LX+?

The Helo LX+ is similar in size to a FitBit or thin watch that you wear on your wrist. It is easy to put on your wrist and stays securely with on your wrist with simply clasp feature.

What happens if the Helo LX+ gets wet?

The Helo LX+ is splash resistant. The Helo LX+ can resist: sweat, splash, rain. The Helo LX+ cannot resist: shower, wash up, swim, bath, wind surfing, snorkeling and diving. It is designed to be worn outdoors in all types of elements. You should not wear it in the shower. I wear it while outdoors gardening and at the gym with no problems.

Does it come in colors other than black?

When you order the Helo LX+ it comes with a standard black band. If you order the Helo LX+ Personal Bundle you get a Band Kit that include five extra bands that you can easily switch out. The colors besides black include:

Candy Pink
Royal Blue
Light Blue

Do you have to recharge the Helo LX+ often?

To recharge the Helo LX+ you just pop it into the charging station. The battery will last 4-5 days.

Are they any shipping or delivery charges?

Yes there is a shipping charge. You will be shown what the shipping cost is when you get ready to check out.

Once I order how long until I get my Helo LX+?

Please allow 1 to 2 business days from ordering for us to ship your Helo LX+. How long it takes to arrive will depend on your delivery location. Once we have shipped it the order will be able to be tracked the delivery.

Is there a money back guaranteee?

Yes, there is a ’7 day refund on the Helo LX+. Full details can be viewed on theWGN Refund Policy page.

What kind of Helo LX+ come with?

The Helo LX+ has a one year warranty.

What are the ongoing costs?

There is a one-time payment for the Helo LX+ Panic Button. Other than that there are no ongoing costs.

Which Helo LX+ Should You Order?

Helo LX+ Personal Bundle

Get the best for your personal lifestyle with the HELO LX PLUS, Germanium Kit, and Bands Kit, all in a practical and convenient bundle. The Personal Bundle includes one HELO LX PLUS, 3 titanium plates with 99.9 percent pure germanium stones and one Bands Kit with 5 fantastic colors plus the new DNA Sample Collection Kit. 

  • 1x HELO LX PLUS wristband 
  • 1x Germanium Kit
    • 3x titanium plates with 99.9 percent pure germanium stones
    • Certificate of authenticity
  • 1x HELO Bands Kit - with five colored bands
    • Candy Pink
    • Ultraviolet
    • Purple-Red
    • Royal Blue
    • Light Blue
  • 1x DNA Sample Collection Kit   

Helo LX+ Bracelet

New style on your wrist thanks to the the new generation of the WOR(l)D wristband. Monitor your bio-parameters in real time and take care of yourself. HELO LX PLUS is the new generation of WOR(l)D wristband. With a completely new design and new materials, the HELO LX PLUS provides amazing forefront features and accurate measurements of your bio-parameters. Monitor your health and improve your lifestyle 24/7. 

  • 1x HELO LX PLUS wristband