How BioZen Affects Water

Water Crystal Structure

Healthy water is characterized by a hexagonal structure. Simulative test results show that the e-smog, which is caused by mobile phones without BioZen, destroys the structure of water. However, when the same test was conducted using a mobile phone with BioZen, the structure remained almost intact.

Example of a 15 minute cell phone call:


Structure of water
(before the mobile phone call)
Destroyed structure
(mobile phone call without BioZen)
Structure with BioZen
(mobile phone call with BioZen)

Transport of H2O Molecules

ElectroSmog disrupts the transport of H2O molecules through the cell membrane, which can create negative consequences to our health.

The example below, based on the nobel prize-winning research of Chemist P. Agre and Roderick McKinnon, shows how an electromagnetic environment influences the spatial position of the H20 dipoles:

BioZen helps protect your body against these harmful effects by creating an invisible shield to block out electomagnetic radiation.