Will Wearable Technology Work with Your TeleHealth Program

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In today’s every changing world, the health industry is looking more and more and using TeleHealth along with Wearable Technology.  With the advances in communication devices and the almost universal presence of the internet and WIFI the capabilities of incorporating the information from wearable tech devices into the telehealth roadway is becoming more main stream.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Center for Telehealth all the way back in 2003 began to see the advantages and potential pitfalls of using telehealth.  In an article entitled Thinking of Starting a TeleHealth Program? Read This First the lessons learned included:

  1. What Are Your Clinical Needs.  If you access data, what data do you actually need? Determine your clinical needs before simply adding more data to your system.
  2. Can Your Network Handle It. How much data can your system have the capability to access
  3. Don’t Forget About Privacy and Security.  Today we see so many more breaches of security than even were found in 2003. This can be a major concern for any TeleHealth system that is in operation today or in the future.
  4. Choose the Right Vendor.  Consider your needs and do your research.

Not all wearable technology with integrate with TeleHealth.  Not all devices are relevant to what healthcare systems need.  The most forward speaking system on the market today is the Helo LX.  With an open API, more and more apps are being developed that can bore down to determine the health care information that the hospital and care providers want and then get that information to them. Helo LX and Wor(l)d Global Network have teamed up with the Heka Corp. to provide the expertise necessary to provide what information needed by all parties with ground breaking technology.

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